24 students and 8 teachers got to spend 5 days together, here in Denmark, where we got to be the tour guides who got to show off our home country and especially our little city, Varde. We got to improve our English skills and teach about our culture, but also learn about other amazing cultures and make great new friendships.

The first day was differently a challenge because it’s difficult to take the first move to talk to a stranger, and there were a lot of new people, but it quickly turned out not to be as bad, as you would think. We started of having a huge welcoming by the whole 10inCampus, there our headmaster got to welcome all the students and teachers from Spain, Estonia, and Belgium. After that we got put into groups of 6 students, where we got to show them around our school. After that we got some classes to make us more comfortable around each other (which differently helped), we got an introduction to the Danish language, which was fun, seeing the other students try saying “Rød grød med fløde”. In the last class we did a school carousel which was very interesting to experience other cultures and try some great candy.

Tuesday, we started really working towards our debate about human rights. We did a fun activity trying to improve on our body language and facial expression, and then we got a guest who came to talk about Amnesty International, and after that we walked to our local Town Hall and got to ask questions about our city and municipality.

Wednesday went on outside most of the day, where we got to try tug of war, climbing, shooting and disc golf held by the adventure track which was great team building exercise. To end the school day, we went on a photo-safari around the city.

Thursday was in my opinion the most memorable and best day, (but also the coldest) because we took a fieldtrip to the city Esbjerg and island Fanø. We did a lot of exciting things including going to the house of Sustainable Development Goals, where we got to build a Lego recreation about one of the goals, equality. We went to the beach to see the sculpture Man by the Sea where we took some great photos and then had a ranger, Lasse, come and talk about the Wadden Sea, which was surprisingly interesting. We ended the day of by going shopping in Esbjerg’s shopping center and then to top it of eating at Esbjerg Street Food before going back to Varde.

On the last day we had the big debate, which we had been preparing for the last couple of days. It was an interesting typic about equality and human rights which went very well and taught us in the end how a debate works. In the evening we all went out (not the Spanish students and teachers because they went home early) bowling and out eating at where they had been staying, at Sportel. It was a great day, but also quite sad because we had to say goodbye to everyone, we had spent the last week with. But all in all, it turned out to be an amazing experience, which I will differently remember. I got the chance to make friendships for life and learn a lot about other countries and their cultures but also learn more about my own.

By Miriam from Denmark