When I heard about the Erasmus+ Program at school, I immediately knew that I had to sing up and dragged my friend to do it with me. In my last school I also took part in such an event and it was a great experience.

I didn’t regret going this time either. I made new friends, gained a lot of knowledge through the seminars and the work we had to do at the school and last but not least I was able to eat a lot of delicious food thanks to our host family.

Throughout the whole week we had different tasks for almost every school day and activities after school with the other students. Which made this trip delightful.

The seminars we attended were interesting and they brought up a lot of discussions between the students. But the assignments we did at school, like the debate, the schools` carousel or learning a bit of Spanish in our groups really helped us to learn how to work together.

I´m glad that we were able to spend time with each other after school as well and go bowling for example.

Overall, I had a great time in Spain and I would gladly participate again, if I wouldn’t be finishing school this year.

By Anna from Germany