To me, film literacy means the content of the film itself; such as its story, actors, production etc. The film must have my preferences in order to peak my interest.

I personally never use subtitles while watching a film because I understand English enough to appreciate the meaning of the film. Nonetheless, if I do watch a film that is in a language that I don’t understand, which never really happens, I add subtitles. I frequently learn and recognize new vocabulary while watching movies. It helps me to expand my English or any other language skill.

I love when movies present other cultures that I’m really not familiar with. They make me understand the world better and the difficulties that some may have to face. Films which are based on a true story make me look beyond the horizon and in truth, make me realize that the world isn’t all black and white.

All of my group members try to sit back and relax while watching films. We find it more fun and free. We all agreed that we have different favourite actors and actresses. My personal favourites are Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham-Carter, but my group members really love Tom Holland, Jim Carrey and so on. We love all kind of movie genres, but the most popular ones are horror, science fiction and comedy.

By Leiki-Maria from Estonia