When I was first introduced to Erasmus +, I was sure to join. I had always dreamed of coming to Spain and experiencing their culture. There were only 6 students, who could come along, but I was keen on being one of them. We were asked to send an application to our teacher and then we would come to an interview where they asked questions about me and my interests for this great project. And I got accepted!

We prepared for a few weeks before going to Spain, with the topics we should discuss and learn about. Among other things, we should see the American drama film “Wonder” and learn about how to analyze a movie. The EU was also one of the main topics. A week before we were going to Spain, we were introduced to our host family, that we should live together with while we were in Spain. I texted the boy from Spain, whom I was going to live with, and we were both really looking forward to it.

When we landed in Spain, we were picked up at the airports by our host families, it was a little bit scary, but my host family was really good at talking to us, telling about themselves and were very kind to us. The next day we were going to school, where we were doing assignments on the film Wonder. Wonder was the topic that filled the most throughout the project. We had been working on the film for a few weeks back home in Denmark. And we also worked on the film in Spain. The first day also went with getting to know those from the other countries. Throughout the process, we worked on major topics such as EU & me, human dignity and freedom and how to participate in a debate.

I would recommend participating in the project very much. It was an exciting project, but also a little hard (in a good way) and I don’t regret in any way that I participated in the project!

By Mathias from Denmark