Episode V of our Erasmus+ project was in Varde, Demark, from 28 March to 1 April 2022. Partner schools’ students and teachers from 4 different countries gathered together and participated in different kinds of activities.

On the first day students of 10iCampus welcomed us to their school. After that we learned a little bit about Danish culture and language with our groups.  Next task was to work with the “Blinded by the Light” movie. Our last activity was the Schools’ carousel. Every country did a presentation and had some snacks for the others to try. 

On Tuesday, an actor came and did a workshop with us, where we learned how important body language and facial expressions are, when you’re talking. It was helpful for the debate. Afterwards, we learned about Amnesty International and discussed human rights a little bit. After lunch we visited a Town Hall, where we also learned more about Denmark. Last session was Content with language, where we started working on our debate speeches together with our groups. 

Next day we also had the same activity, first thing in the morning. After that session we did some team building activities. Last session was a photo-safari. We went outside, walked around the city, and took some photos. 

On Thursday, we had a field trip, which was a great experience.  We got a break from our activities, and saw some really beautiful sights. We got a guided tour around Esbjerg. And my favourite part was, when a biologist talked about the beach. 

On Friday, we had two activities. First one was “The interviewers from another planet”. We had aliens and humans, and had to ask questions from each other. The last session was the debate. We had two government and two opposition groups. 

After that, it was time for the feedback and farewell. And in the evening we played bowling, to have some fun on the last day together. 

Overall it was a pretty great experience, but I think that, because the groups didn’t change, we didn’t get to know each other that much. The country is beautiful and the people seemed friendly.

By Laura from Estonia