An experience that has only just begun

At first, I was not sure whether to do this project or not, because having to speak in public made me feel uneasy. But then I thought it was a unique opportunity to meet more people and learn about different countries. Now if anyone who asked me, how it was, I would say very surely

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Looking forward to seeing my new friends again

The Erasmus+ experience was way more stunning than what I could imagine at the beginning of the week. By the time all the students from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia and Germany finally made it to Spain we already knew each other, because we spent the previous week chatting. The first days were kind of weird: it

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So many fun moments and laughs

This experience was great, we had so many fun moments and laughs. But I have to admit that at the beginning, when we finally met with the students from Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Estonia, it was a little bit weird, but it changed really fast when we got to know each other more. Since the

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My trip to Spain was way better than I expected

For me, the time in Valencia was very nice. At first, I felt a bit awkward, because I was in a city, a country and with a family I didn't know. But later I had so much fun with the family and everything else. I think it was a great decision to participate because I

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A week I’ll never forget

If you have the opportunity to do an Erasmus, go for it. Even if you are scared or if you do not like to travel without your family. It is worth the risk, I promise. My Erasmus was in Valencia (Spain) and it was honestly one of the best things I have ever done. I

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We enjoyed every day and had so much fun together

I was a part of a fantastic Erasmus+ project. It was a week in Valencia, Spain. But not only me, we were 6 people from every country. The countries were Belgium, Spain, Germany, Estonia and Denmark. At first, I had my doubts whether the host family or the other students would understand me or whether

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Don’t miss out on an Erasmus+ project!

If someone ever gives you the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus project, don’t miss out on this chance! And don’t be scared, it is one of the best things I have experienced so far at school, and I’m sure, the same will go for you too, if you try it! There are so many

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Something for everyone

My favourite experience was the tour of Valencia. On Thursday we all visited the city together. First off, all we met our tour guides at the main gate there we were divided into two groups. The guide then told us some important information about the gate and that there are two. Then we walked the

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Our ERASMUS+ project

We began getting ready for this project at the beginning of this year, and even though the activity in fact hadn’t started yet, we were already learning new things mainly related to some European aspects, different perspectives... But it all got more real when we started talking to our exchange students. In my case, they

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